Non-Tipping type semi-trailers

SF 2763/4 Z

Technical specifications

Total length approx. 13.850 mm
Diameter of vessel 2.550 mm
Height unloaded approx. 3.970 mm
5th wheel height loaded approx. 1.200 mm
Front swing turning radius approx. 1.960 mm
Rear swing turning radius approx. 1.800 mm
Wheel base approx. 7.700 mm
Distance between the axles approx. 1.310 mm
Volume approx. 63 m3
Volume of chambers with
pressureless separating walls
V1: approx. 9,1 m3
V2: approx. 17,7 m3
V3: approx. 17,7 m3
V4: approx. 18,5 m3
Semi-trailer adm. total weight  39 to.
Semi-trailer axle load 27 to.
Semi-trailer tare weight approx. 6,25 to.
5th wheel load 12 to.
Axle assembly 3 x 9 to air suspended
Tyres 385/65 R22,5 [6x]
Manholes DN 450 /[4x]
Outlet system DN 800 /[4x]
Operating temperature -40°C / +80°C
Operating / Test pressure 2 bar / 3 bar