Spitzer Spitze


Up to 300 kg more payload in the tanker. Apart from a clear increase in payload, the silo semi-trailer – built using special composite technology – is also very easy to clean due to the extremely smooth Gelcoat coating on the interior walls. More features in the composite version is a higher under pressure tightness, high resistance against acidic or basic transport goods, condensation formation is reduced to a minimum.

Titletotal length mmheight unladen mm5th wheel height laden mmfront swing turning radius mmrear swing turning radius mmwheel base mmdistance between the axles mmsemi-trailer adm. total weightsemi-trailer axle load5th wheel loadTare weight in kgvolume in m³outlet system DN 800
SK 2738 CAL Composite9.1504.0001.2001.6001.8504.8001.31040 t27 t13 t4.900381
SK 2744 CAL Composite10.3104.0001.1901.4001.8005.9501.31040 t27 t13 t5.100441
SK 2752 CAL Composite12.0004.0001.2002.0402.0006.3851.31040 t27 t13 t5.600521
SK 2758 CAL Composite13.3004.0001.2002.0402.0506.9851.31040 t27 t13 t5.900581
SK 2765 CAL Composite13.9504.0001.2002.0402.0507.4851.31040 t27 t13 t6.100651