Spitzer Spitze

Full Trailers

The articulated vehicle solutions provided by our full trailers (Spitzer ranges SA, ZA and SAPI) are like high-performance athletes: lightweight but with excellent capacity for profitable vehicle deployment. Furthermore, we offer a number of additional features for our range of trailers to suit different tasks. These optional extras have been designed for the transportation of foodstuffs, animal feed, construction materials and wood pellets.

Titletotal length in mmlength of vessel in mmheight unladen in mmdistance between the axles in mmwheel base in mmcenter 2nd axle to end of vehicletrailer total weighttrailer axle loadtare weight in kgvolume in m³outlet system DN 800
SAPI 1830/38.7207.2703.8504.8501.03018 t2 x 9 t3.700303
SAPI 1833/39.1207.6703.8505.2501.03018 t2 x 9 t3.800333
ZA 1818/15.7004.0003.9201.3103.5401.27518 t2 x 9 t2.600181
ZA 1820/16.1004.4203.9201.3104.0001.440 18 t2 x 9 t2.700201
ZA 1825/27.3505.9203.8801.3104.4502.25018 t2 x 9 t3.450252
ZA 1830/28.2506.9503.8801.3104.8302.75018 t2 x 9 t3.450302