Spitzer Spitze

Truck mounted Units

Our extensive range of dry bulk tankers includes professional solutions for specific applications within the haulage sector. Our truck-mounted units (A, AK and API ranges) offer a capacity ranging from approx. 18 m³ to approx. 35 m³. Depending on the type and properties of the goods, we provide you with the technology to make their transportation more efficient and thus more cost-effective. Our truck-mounted units are ideal for transporting foodstuffs, animal feed and construction materials.

Titletotal length mmoverall height mmunderrun height in mm for BDFtare weight superstructure in kgvolume in m³outlet system DN 800
A 23/26.5502.9002.300232
A 26/36.7002.9002.500263
AK 286.5002.8502.200281
AK 327.2502.8502.300321
API 18/25.6002.8502.000182
API 24/36.4002.8502.400243
API 27/4 BDF7.4401.3202.650274
API 31/47.6502.8502.350314
API 35/58.5702.8502.600355