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General information

Our pick-up times for new vehicles
Monday – Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
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What is a dry bulk tanker?
Dry bulk tankers are vehicles or semi-trailers used to transport pulverized and granulated bulk goods. The goods are carried in specially manufactured vessels made of a five-millimeter-thick aluminium alloy.The tanker is generally emptied or discharged via a discharge hopper, with the help of compressed air up to max. 2 bar. The air is compressed via an on-board compressor or via a specially designed stationery compressor unit.

We differentiate between so-called non-tipping and tipping containers. These can be built onto HGVs, attached as full trailers (tandem or turntable trailers) or designed as semi-trailers.

We offer four main types of dry bulk tanker:

  1. Non-tipping type semi-trailers (including with hydraulically forced steering) (SF range)
  2. Tipping type semi-trailers (SK range)
  3. Truck-mounted units (A, AK and API ranges)
  4. Full trailers and centre-axle trailers (SA, ZA and SAPI ranges)

Our high-quality containers (CK-BI range) are available in the sizes 20, 30 and 40 feet.

Our range also includes both non-tipping and tipping type suction/pressure vehicles.

Dry bulk tankers by application/industry
Our dry bulk tankers are used to transport foodstuffs, construction materials, chemical substances (e.g. plastic pellets), animal feed and hazardous goods (ADR).We pay close attention to the applicable regulations and norms during the production of vehicles used to transport foodstuffs. These regulations include DIN 10502 and the EC norm 1935/2004.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is, of course, taken into account, especially with regard vehicles used to transport animal feed.

Hazardous goods vehicles are always manufactured in compliance with the latest applicable ADR rules at the time of production.

Which products can I transport with my dry bulk carrier?
Our SF range, with capacities ranging from approx. 23 m³ to approx. 63 m³, offers the
latest silo technology. These vehicles are ideal for the transportation of cement, filler, plaster, mortar, calcium carbonate, iron oxide, pumice stone, foundry sand, crushed stones, feldspar, foamed clay, foam glass, various pulverized fuel ash, liquid manure, slurry, lime water mixtures, kaolin water mixtures, flour, gravel, starch, corn, rolled oats, bran, rice, various feed pellets, husks, fattening feed and much more.Our SK range, which spans from approx. 38 m³ to approx. 89 m³, offers high capacities,
a low net weight, user convenience, stability and durability. These vehicles are used to transport items such as gravel, sand, cement, plaster, sugar, salt, cocoa beans, coffee beans, breadcrumbs, filler for various industrial sectors, wood shavings, sawdust, corn and special starch, milk powder, hard gelatine capsules, perlite, clay, pulverized stone, plastic granulate, various chemical powders, grinding powder, coal dust, ADR goods, wood pellets, and various breeding and concentrated feed pellets.

Our extensive range of dry bulk tankers includes professional solutions for specific applications within the haulage sector. Our truck-mounted units (A, AK and API ranges) offer a capacity ranging from approx. 18 m³ to approx. 35 m³. Depending on the type and properties of the goods, we provide you with the technology to make their transportation more efficient and thus more cost-effective. Our truck-mounted units are ideal for transporting foodstuffs, animal feed and construction materials.

The articulated vehicle solutions provided by our full trailers (Spitzer ranges SA, ZA and SAPI) are like high-performance athletes: lightweight but with excellent capacity for profitable vehicle deployment. Furthermore, we offer a number of additional features for our range of trailers to suit different tasks. These optional extras have been designed for the transportation of foodstuffs, animal feed, construction materials and wood pellets.