Spitzer Spitze

Tipping type semi-trailers

Our SK range, which spans from approx. 38 m³ to approx. 89 m³, offers high capacities, a low net weight, user convenience, stability and durability.

Titletotal length mmHeight unladen mm5th wheel height laden mmfront swing turning radius mmrear swing turning radius mmwheel base mmdistance between the axles mmcenter axles - end of the vehiclesemi-trailer adm. total weightsemi-trailer axle load5th wheel loadtare weight in kgvolume in m³outlet system DN 800
SK 2738 CAL9.1504.0001.2001.3001.9504.8101.3103.04040 t27 t13 t5.100381
SK 2740 CAL10.0003.8501.2001.1502.0005.8401.3103.01040 t27 t13 t5.400401
SK 2740 Vaccum10.0003.8501.2001.1502.0005.8401.3103.01040 t27 t13 t6.100401
SK 2745 CAL10.2503.9501.2001.1502.0005.8401.3103.26040 t27 t13 t5.500451
SK 2748 CAL10.7403.9901.2001.1502.0006.3651.3103.22540 t27 t13 t5.800481
SK 2753 CAL12.0003.9801.2001.6002.1006.3301.3104.07040 t27 t13 t5.900531
SK 2759 Vaccum13.5004.0001.2001.5002.1007.7951.3104.20540 t27 t13 t7.400591
SK 2760 CAL13.2004.0001.2002.0402.0506.9851.3104.17540 t27 t13 t6.250601
SK 2766 CAL14.0404.0001.2002.0402.0507.4851.3104.51540 t27 t13 t6.400661
SK 2789 ZOC14.0404.0001.2002.0401.9007.9501.3104.05040 t27 t13 t9.000891
SK 3066 CAL13.9204.0001.2002.0402.5007.9101.3104.09046 t30 t16 t7.800661