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    Spitzer Spitze

    Non-Tipping type semi-trailers / P

    Our SF range, with capacities ranging from approx. 23 m³ to approx. 58 m³, offers the latest silo technology. The decisive factor in this respect is how much payload can be transported. The more goods transported, the more efficient and cost effective the transport is for the business.

    Titletotal length mmHeight unladen mm5th wheel height laden mmfront swing turning radius mmrear swing turning radius mmwheel base mmdistance between the axles mmsemi-trailer adm. total weightsemi-trailer axle load5th wheel loadtare weight in kgvolume in m³outlet system DN 800
    SF 2723 FL8.6003.7501.2007001.9505.9401.31040 t27 t13 t4.10023DN 200/1
    SF 2725/2 P 8.3203.8201.2005102.2505.6601.31040 t27 t13 t4.100252
    SF 2731/2 P8.9303.9001.2007002.0506.2701.31040 t27 t13 t4.150312
    SF 2734/2 P9.3003.9501.2007002.0006.5601.31040 t27 t13 t4.250342
    SF 2737/2 P9.8003.9501.2007002.0007.0601.31040 t27 t13 t4.350372
    SF 2739/2 P10.2703.9801.2007002.1007.6001.31040 t27 t13 t4.500392
    SF 2738/3 P10.2003.9801.2007002.0007.5251.31040 t27 t13 t4.700383
    SF 2745/3 P10.5203.9801.2007002.0007.7301.31040 t27 t13 t4.800453
    SF 2748/3 P11.0503.9501.2007002.0508.0001.31040 t27 t12 t4.900483
    SF 2754/4 P ADR11.5003.9901.2007001.8508.0001.36040 t27 t13 t5.700544
    SF 2755/4 P11.7503.9501.2007001.8508.0001.31040 t27 t13 t5.250554
    SF 2758/4 P12.4503.9501.2007001.8507.9451.310/1.51040 t27 t13 t5.500584